Corporate name

Komamura Corporation




Tosh Komamura

Head Office

#2306, 1-2-11 Ariake, Koto-ku,
Tokyo 135-0063, Japan

U.S. Sales Office

Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Phone: 1-973-769-8988

European Sales Office

Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 42952882

History of Komamura Coporation

Komamura Corporation was established in 1947 and has for more than 70 years been an important player in the international professional camera business.
Komamura Corporation developed and marketed the Horseman Professional Camera product range. First for large format film and later new models with world first technology for digital photography. The first Horseman camera was developed to the Tokyo police force, and Komamura Corporation has continuously launched new products targeting the police market.

1933Starts business operations in Kyoto as Komamura Brothers Corporation
1947Established, starting film development business operations for the first time in the Northern part of Japan
1948Opens Osaka Branch Office, and develops the PC-101 as an identification camera for the National Police Agency
1950Opens Tokyo Branch Office , announces the Horseman 102 as an identification camera for the National Police
1958Completes development of the Horseman 104 as an identification camera for the National Policy Agency
1982Opens the head office in Tokyo on occasion of the 50th anniversary
1989Concludes an exclusive distributorship agreement for the Japanese market with Anton Bauer of the United States
1991Introduces digital batteries made by Anton Bauer to the Japanese market
1992Concludes an exclusive distributorship agreement with Rodenstock GmbH of Germany
1995Establishes Horseman U.S.A
1998Concludes an exclusive distributorship agreement with Rollei GmbH of Germany
1999Establishes a service center in New York, and moves Horseman U.S.A to New York
2004Concludes an exclusive distributorship agreement with Minox GmbH of Germany
2010Exchanges an exclusive distributorship agreement with Electro Physics of the United States, introducing Astro Scope Night Vision devices made by the company to the Japanese market
2012Transfers photographic/broadcasting equipment business operations to Kenko Professional Imaging Company
2013Begins international business matching , and develops the KC-2000 ultra high sensitivity video camera
2014Launches the KC-2000 ultra high sensitivity video camera on March 1
2017Introduces the KC-2000MK II Color IR Night Vision camera to the Japanese market on April 1
2018Develops the KC-2000MK III on an OEM basis
Feb Exhibits at Photonics West (San Francisco, California)
Jun Exhibits at Eurosatory, the largest defense exhibition in Europe, with the support of the Japan Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (Paris, France)
Dec Visits Sri Lanka Police Headquarters (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
2019 Apr Exhibits at DSEI/Defense Security Equipment International (Baltimore, USA)
Jun Visits Laser Optics (Munich, Germany)
Sep Visits FLIR (Santa Barbara, USA)
Oct Exhibits at AUSA/Association of U.S. Army (Washington DC, USA)
Participates in the orientation for the Foreign Comparative Testing Program
Dec Visits Hanoi Police Headquarters ( Hanoi, Vietnam)
2021Feb Exhibits at Al Hamra booth at IDEX/International Defense Exhibition