• QHow does Falcon Eye differ from conventional night-vision devices?

    Conventional night-vision devices rely on image intensifiers and provide black and white images, whereas Falcon Eye reproduces full-color image in the light condition as low as 0.005 LUX. The amount of information you can get from Falcon Eye is far more than any conventional night-vision devices.

  • QWhy is KC-2000MKII manual focus?

    Any existing auto-focus system does not work under the extremely low light conditions where the KC-2000MKII is typically used. Manual focus is essential in that environment.

  • QAre there any tips for accurate focusing?

    The KC-2000MKII has a focus aid mode (4X digital zoom), which helps precise focusing.

  • QWhich lenses can I mount on the KC-2000MKII?

    You can use C-mount lenses and other MF lenses for single-lens reflex cameras. Please note the following remarks when you use those lenses:
    • You can use C-mount lenses as they are.
    • Please use a C-mount adapter when using MF lenses for single-lens reflex cameras. Only MF (Manual Focus) lenses can be used.
    • Please use a C-mount adapter when using B4 mount lenses

  • QCan I use an external power source?

    Yes, the KC-2000 MKII is equipped with a port for a DC power source. You can use an external power source in the range from 10 to 16V.

  • QIs the KC-2000MKII waterproof?

    The KC-2000MKII is splash-proof but not waterproof. Please note that lenses are not water proof in many cases. We recommend the use of a “camera raincoat” when you use the KC-2000MKII in rain.

  • QHow long can I use the KC-2000MKII for consecutive recording?

    The operating time of the battery used in the KC-2000MKII is about 5 hours. You can shoot a video for about 5 hours if you use a 32GB card at standard mode, or 9,999 still images. By using an external recorder connected to the HDMI output port, it is possible to record even a longer time. Video recorder boxes with HDMI input can be purchased from Black Magic and other companies. If you want to use the KC-2000 for several hours continuously, the camera may accumulate heat. It is recommended that you let the sensor cool down by pausing the recording in such a case.

  • QCan I record video images and still images randomly?

    Yes, still images will be stored in still files, whereas video images will be stored in video files respectively.

  • QDoes KC-2000MKII work in the near total darkness

    You can capture images in dim-lit conditions as low as 0.005 lx. 0.01 lx is about the brightness under the crescent moon. If the subject is in the total darkness without any dim light, the KC-2000 MKII does not work. You can still record the image on IR mode in this case (with IR light source).

  • QHow far can I see (or record the image) with the KC-2000MKII?

    There is no limitation of distance, and it all depends on the lens you use. You can even see stars if you mount the KC-2000MKII on a telescope. This is one of the significant benefits of KC-2000MKII. The longer the focal length of the lens (for a super-telephoto lens), the more camera shakes. Use a tripod or lenses equipped with an image stabilization when mounting telephoto lenses.

  • QHow far the camera sees with the use of the IR flashlight comes with the KC-2000MKII?

    Up to 50 meters. You can purchase a more powerful IR light to see at a greater distance. The stronger the power of IR light, the further you can see.

  • QWhat is the operating temperature of QKC-2000MKII?

    The KC-2000MKII operates between -10 to 50 degrees Celcius. When you operate the KC-2000 under the extremely cold conditions, you may have to keep the battery in a pocket or relatively warm environment.

  • QHow much is 0.005 lux when converted to ISO?

    0.005 lux corresponds to ISO 2,000,000. (based on our measurement).

  • QCan I see or record the image through tinted glass or car window?

    Yes, you can. When you operate the KC-2000MKII from a car under such a circumstance, make sure to keep the inside darker than the outside.

  • QWhen shooting under fluorescent light with KC-2000MKII, I get flickers. Are there any ways to eliminate flickers?

    If you can gradually lower the shutter speed, you can find a level of speed you don’t see the flickers (see page 15 on the user’s manual).

  • QCan I watch images on an external monitor?

    Yes, you can. The KC-2000MKII is equipped with an HDMI terminal. If you wish to view real-time images on an external monitor, connect the KC-2000 MKII and the monitor with an HDMI cable.

  • QCan the external output signal be converted to analog?

    Yes, you can. Use an image recording device such as Black Magic.

  • QCan I send the image on the KC-2000MKII to a remote location?

    Yes, it is possible with the use of the WTS-2000 Wireless Transmission System or other transmission devices available in the market. The WTS-2000 allows the distance between 50 to 100 meters.

  • QCan I capture images even in foggy, smoky, or misty conditions?

    The FogMode of the KC-2000MKII is effective for use in low image contrast and low clarity conditions such as fog, mist, and smoke. The KC-2000MKII attempts to sharpen the image in this mode, even when it is difficult to see with the naked eye.

  • QWhich SD card do you recommend?

    An SD card in the Class-4 or faster is recommended. The maximum capacity of the SD card is 32 GB.

  • QWhere to buy?

    Komamura Corporation sells the Falcon Eye cameras to an international network of authorized dealers. Please contact us for information about a dealer in your area.

  • QWhat is the price?

    Your local dealer can inform you about prices in your markets. Please contact Falcon Eye to get information about a dealer in your area.

  • QWarranty?

    Komamura Corporation provides a 12-month guarantee from the day of the purchase – covering all spare parts and labor costs. All repairs are handled by Komamura Corporation in Japan.
    Shipping costs related to repairs must be covered by the customer.

  • QWhere to get support?

    Please contact the dealer where you bought the Falcon Eye camera for support.